SAMSUNG 85″ The Frame QLED 4K UHD HDR Massive Screen QE85LS03BAUXXU

£2,199.99 £1,599.99


Samsung 85″ The Frame QLED

Full 4K UHD Ultra
HDR Ultra
Quantom HDR
THe Frame Design
Canvas Looking
Smart tV
Netflix, you tube, Amazon prime, Samsung TV Plus, Streaming Channels, BBC Iplayer, ITV X, Disney models and more
Instant Startup
Instant Connectivity
Apple TV with Airplay
Adaptive Display and Sound
Sports and Movie Mode
Game Mode with HDMI 2.1 120Hertz
Super TV for Xbox and Playstation New Genertaion of gaming
PC to TV Mode
Multiscreen Feature
Complete with Full Remote pack with smart remote
With No Gap Frame Wall Mount
Super TV
Massive Cinema Screen
Samsung 85LS03B


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